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Cleveland Ecumenical
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  • Providing learners a level of study that enhances the efforts of local congregations.
  • Providing a faculty that is academically responsible.
  • Providing a setting for Christian learning in dialogue with other great world religions
  • Learning in an atmosphere that fosters relationships among people of different faith traditions
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  • Outstanding local teachers and professors as well as nationally known speakers who teach courses and provide special lectures on Biblical Studies, Spirituality, Ethics, Comparative Religions, and Theology and Culture.
  • Classes which focus on discussions of assigned readings with opportunity to have questions answered and learn from one another. There are no prerequisites, no examinations, and no written assignments, but great learning and camaraderie.

What's New

A Wonderful Event from One of Our Sponsors.  Forest Hill Church Presbyterian USA is offering as a public lecture at 2:00 p.m. on June 14:

Walter Brueggemann

"Economics of Extraction"

The Bible lives amid great empires. Great empires have as a primary purpose the extraction of wealth from the vulnerable to be transferred to the powerful, so that wealth tends to be concentrated in the hands of a few at the expense of the many. The means of such extraction are unfair taxation, debt management, high interest rates, and cheap labor. The Bible in many places speaks against such practices and in favor of restoration of economic equity by way of debt cancellation. This issue in the Bible is worth our attention, as one can readily identify the same propensity in our own economic policies and practices.
Walter Brueggemann is William Mercellus McPheeters Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary. An ordained minister in the UCC, preeminent theologian and biblical scholar, he is also the author of dozens of books, including Sabbath as Resistance; Reality, Grief and Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks; Introduction to the Old Testament, Second Edition; and his classic, Prophetic Imagination.


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